A Dark Night Under the Stars

Jennifer - Yarmouth, Maine
Entered on May 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature

I believe in a relationship with nature. We live in a world which is full of plants and organisms where each depends on the other. We follow a circle of life where everything was put on this earth for a reason: to nourish, to produce and to create a beautiful thing. I am someone who finds nature extraordinary. It excites me to watch dandelion seeds dancing through the air throughout the spring. It fascinates me to watch leaves turn from green, into a deep orange in the fall. It intrigues me to watch endless amounts of distinct snowflakes turn the ground white and captivates me when the sun sets over the lake on a hot summer’s night.

Since I was a baby I’ve spent a week in the woods of Maine with hardly any electricity, and no contact with the outside world. The cabin has no cell phone reception, no internet and no televisions. So basically once a year our family spends a week in nature. During this week at camp, there are many times where I will sit alone, looking out on the lake or up at the dark sky filled with stars and get a feeling of comfort and solitude. I am simply alone with nature and I find that to be my favorite place in the world. When the lights go out at our camp and the sun sets, the stars come out and completely erase all thoughts. There was one particular night I went down to the dock when I was about 16 and have never seen anything like it in my life. It was an experience that I still talk about to anyone who will listen. The stars completely covered every inch of the sky. They were the brightest I’ve ever seen them and as I lay there I began to count the shooting stars. There were hundreds of them whizzing through the sky, eventually I lost count. I could see every detail of every constellation and examine the entire Milky Way. With the loons out in the water singing to each other, I lay there knowing that I would never experience something as beautiful as this again.

The connection which comes from sitting on a dock and looking at the stars is hard to find, yet when found, an unforgettable feeling.

Each person can find a time or spot in nature where they are accepted and are given a chance to realize how blessed they are to be surrounded by such a beautiful thing. I have found that spot looking up at the stars on my dock. I realized how lucky I was to have the sky full of stars above me and the earth deep with mysteries below. I felt connected in a different way to the things around me. I created a link between me and the world. I see nature as a beautiful thing. I believe in a relationship with nature.