Losing The Youth

Justin - Bowie, Maryland
Entered on May 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that the violence in the United States is ridiculous; the rise of gangs, gun violence, and school violence. In some neighborhoods some people are even scared to leave there houses because they are scared of the youth in their neighborhoods. Some kids in school are scared to get an education in fear of the violence of the streets rolling over into the classroom. This is wrong, the ignorance of a few is halting the education of a whole generations .I am not going to act like I have never got into a fight, but I never been the one to start something with someone. I feel that studies are right; youth lacking the presence of a father figure tend to turn to the streets for a family. This street family is what we considered a gang. When you get a group of misguided youth with no positive roll model, trouble is destined to find them. It begins with petty things such as fight a car theft and grows into murder and selling drugs. Some youth in the neighborhoods have no value of life, wouldn’t think twice about committing murder. The US is in a sad state I think that we will ever recovery as a country from senseless violence. I believe the United States is losing to many of its young people to violence.