Superstore take over

Samantha - Tempe, Arizona
Entered on May 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe superstores such as Walmart and Target are taking over the world. With their huge buildings and oversized parking lots, they plop into small towns and create their empire. Without much care for the mom and pop shops they put out of business or the countless homes they knock down to make room, they build their store and wait for customers to start piling in. One would think that because these stores invade neighborhoods and throw towns in dismay, not a lot of customers would be found in their never ending aisles. However, time and time again it seems like people just can’t help themselves. They seemingly swallow their pride and purchase all different kinds of items from these stores because it is convenient.

Places like Walmart are said to have everything, and everything for cheap. Slowly, as more and more people begin to give in to these low prices, the town transforms, and the superstore becomes the center of attention. It is the place to go in the town, and everyone owns at least one item from there. It disassembles uniqueness and pushes their name brand products on all that come in the store.

As these superstores establish around the country, soon everyone will own the same things. This could either be seen as a comorodory of all states banning together and owning the same products, or a form of brainwashing, taking away all that was once theirs and replacing it with widespread products or dare I say feelings.

These stores have way too much influence in the way society acts and because of this they have the ability to instill views in the minds of America. They can send discrete messages some would call advertising, but really just another way of spreading thoughts and ideas. Sure in the past taking over the world was looked on as military forces conquering place after place, burning villages and taking its citizens captive. But, what is so different here? These superstores are demolishing homes and taking over the town’s economy. They hold its people captive by using low prices and a wide selection of products to lure them in. Just because this new way of taking over seems voluntary, doesn’t mean it is any less effective.