One Should Never Take Life too Seriously

Laura - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on May 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

One Should Never Take Life Too Seriously

One should never take life too seriously; at least that’s what I believe. We all make mistakes, so we all need to learn not to be so hard on ourselves after we make them. Mistakes are what we learn from; they teach us right from wrong. We should all learn to laugh off silly mistakes and take life a little easier.

I am on the dance team at my high school. It is a very talented team and we have won many great awards. I remember the first practice I ever attended with the team. I had never danced before, so I was very nervous. Throughout the practice I was making mistakes left and right. Our coach would simply give me some constructive criticism and I would be on the edge of tears. I was so focused on being perfect the very first time I tried, and I didn’t want anyone on the team to think I wasn’t good enough. By the end of practice I was a nervous wreck, and as soon as I got into my mothers car after practice I burst into tears. I explained to my Mom that I embarrassed myself in front of the whole team and that I didn’t think I was good enough. After she calmed me down she told me not to worry so much about it, that all the other girls had been dancing a lot longer than I had, and that after I had some more practice I would be just as good as they were. For the next few weeks I continued to worry, but then I started seeing improvement in myself. Eventually I felt so stupid for being so worried at first. What my Mom said was true, if I hadn’t worried so much and just laughed off the mistakes in the beginning I would have spent a lot less time worrying and stressed out.

Now I am just as good as any of the other girls on the team and I have learned a valuable lesson. I have learned not to take anything in life too seriously and to learn from my mistakes. No one should have to live their life wondering how good they could have been or what they could have done differently. Just take it easy and give everything your best shot. No one should ever take life too seriously.