I Believe in MY Weekend

Jonathan - Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Entered on May 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I Believe in MY Weekend

I believe that the weekends should be 60 hours of stress free time for someone to do whatever they want to. Whether you’re leaving work or getting let out of school, your weekend clock begins ticking as you take the trip back home from New Hampshire. I am someone who has learned to never dwell in the past and look forward to the future; I believe that the weekend is a time when you should be able to only think of those two days and not the week behind you or ahead of you.

Being a college student, as everyone knows, can be a very stressful and demanding time in a young adult’s life. Staying up until one o’clock in the library writing a paper and studying for a test every night during the week can get to even the most prestigious students. When I got into college I took on the challenge of playing a sport at the same time. If only I knew what I was getting myself into.

It’s Easter weekend and everyone at Endicott is on spring break, except for lacrosse players. For our Easter break we had two games and double sessions on practice days. At the end of our lacrosse “spring break” we had a Thursday morning practice at 9 A.M. and could go home until practice again Sunday at 9 P.M. Sunday was Easter and I took a trip to my aunts in New Hampshire. I need time to rest and not be rushed around I would enjoy having time to myself to get what I want done.

I’m a college student, and I can admit that Saturday nights I won’t be in the library studying but out with my friends at a party. I will learn by my own mistakes when I am grown and can reminisce about the times I was a wild and in my twenties. I enjoy having the weekend to think freely about the things I want to get done. I enjoy waking up late on a Sunday knowing I have the entire day to sit around and I have a lazy day for myself. Having a couple days to myself doesn’t question my work ethic or suggest I am lazy. If I get all my work done, work hard in lacrosse, and accomplish my goals during the weekend I think I deserve some time to enjoy myself.

Cell phones need to recharge, cars need tune-ups, marathon runners need days to rest, and body builders need to let muscles revive. It is human nature to have time to put the stress aside and maybe go out with your friends on a Saturday and have nothing to worry about the next day. I am someone who hates to worry and I think that maybe if I could have a weekend without lacrosse and school work, maybe the week after I would push a little bit harder.