The Right to Exist in this Country

Daisy - Fort Worth, Texas
Entered on May 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: immigrant

The correct term is undocumented immigrant not illegal immigrant. Drug use is illegal; killing your child is illegal but not entering the United States on the basis of survival for yourself and your family is not.

Wetbacks. Damn Mexicans. They are invading this country.

That is what’s said about Mexican or other immigrants from Central and South America who enter this country for better opportunities. If only people understood that crossing into the United States is no easy task. Many natural and human barriers are in place to deter the flow of immigration northward such as the Rio Grande, the desert, and the possibility of being attacked and murdered along the way by the coyotes or vigilantes. Regardless of the risks associated with entering this country, the benefits far outweigh the risks. It is a risk worth taking to give your family greater financial security than what is offered in their native country.

Immigrants enter this country more for economic reasons versus leisure or entertainment purposes. How do you feed a family of six when the head of household cannot obtain employment? You can steal or abandon your responsibilities or you can illegally enter the United States and work hard as many other Americans to put food on the table.

The act of survival will drive people to commit acts that are labeled illegal. If you have ever seen a family arrive at your door for help or food because they just arrived here, perhaps you will recognize that we cannot keep people out for fear of “invasion” or because they are “stealing” American jobs. Please, what jobs do they steal? They are the bus boys, the house cleaners, the roofers, and construction workers.

An attack on immigrants is an attack on my family and me. My parents are immigrants. I will let you decide for yourself on their immigration status. Any policy that negates or threatens the right of others to exist in this country who rely on the opportunities of the United States, needs to be reexamined. Sometimes I joke that if we aren’t careful, the government might deport all Mexicans. It seems unlikely, but the arguments people pose such as the Mexican border being a gateway to terrorism, it could happen.

Anyone has the right to exist in this country if you are here to make a life for your family. Survival is a human instinct even that entails crossing borders to find employment.