Giles - Fort Worth, Texas
Entered on May 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

(This I Believe)

I believe we all have a path to choose! In any circumstance there will always be two distinct paths; a right path and a wrong path. The paths I am talking about are often referred to as forks in the road, or shoulder angels & demons. The decision making processor, for lack of a better term, is known as the conscience. Choosing the right or wrong path can get quite confusing; at times the right path is wrong and vise versa. One major aspect of my belief that holds true is what ever your choice may be it is you choice, repercussions and all.

Coming from a student/athlete perspective, I play football and attend classes, which is a full load of work if you ask me. At times days are rough and I question why I put myself through the pressures of this lifestyle. When I question my lifestyle I began to blame everyone and everything else. I say things like, “Well, I guess I have to play football and attend school because of my scholarship, or God has put me here for a reason and I’m waiting for God to make the next move. Every thought that crossed through my mind was justifiable, but none of them represent the fact that both excuses made were of my choosing and mine alone. In all reality I do not have to do anything I do not want to, I can choose to do nothing my whole life, but as I stated earlier with every choice I make there will be repercussions, whether I consider them to be good or bad.

The greatest aspect of my belief is that the one who makes the choice is also the one that decides if the repercussions are good or bad. For example, the way a person views death when they have a choice in the matter. I for one do not want to die anytime soon, dying is actually dead last on my list of things to do (no pun intended). I try to make positive choices in my life to keep from dying, because I consider life to be precious. However, if I saw someone in danger of losing their life and I had the ability to save them, but had to sacrifice my own, I would bravely choose death. Deciding to end my life in this situation would be considered a good repercussion, because I would rather sacrifice myself than to see another parish.

I do not consider my belief to be a measurement of right or wrong; I believe it to be a measurement of the hearts’ capacity to make moral choices.