Corey - Beverly, Massachusetts
Entered on May 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in choices. My life philosophy is that everyone makes their own choices. It is a complex theory but one I have been developing for the past three years.

The whole concept came about at the commencement of my Freshmen year of college. I began school as an Early Childhood major, with the hopes of becoming a Kindergarten teacher someday. As my classes went by and Freshmen year was coming to an end, I was quickly seeing how rigid a schedule this life would be. I thought that as much as I loved teaching, I needed a more spontaneous career path. But I had already spent a year learning how to become a teacher and thought what a waste it would be to quit now. This experience through me into a deep state of depression as I thought I would be locked into a major I would not enjoy. As I thought on it more and more I began to realize that I wasn’t stuck in Early Childhood, I had choices. I started developing a new way to live my life, as the way I was living it then was stressing me out and I was unhappy. I began to think, “Why should I do something if it isn’t going to make me happy”? I began to think about how there is no right or wrong choice, just choices based off of other peoples choices.

We are all faced with countless choices each and every day, big and small, but they all affect each other one way or the other whether you know it or not. This thought and theory may seem a little obvious but until I actually thought about it I just did what I thought was expected of me. Realizing that this lifestyle did not make me happy, I had a revelation of sorts. I decided that all the choices I made would be choices that made me happy, both short and long term.

Back to that fateful day three years ago I made the decision to change majors to Liberal Studies. There was a lot to be learned and I wanted to get a taste of all of it before deciding the rest of my life. Since then I have decided film making is a career that I love with the amount of flexibility that I need. Believing in choices has helped me realize that there is never just one possible solution. There is always another choice and one should never allow other’s opinions to affect one’s own choices. At the end of the day if you and you alone are happy with the choices you’ve made that day, then that is truly all that matters in this world.