Good Vs. Evil

Beth - Fort Worth, Texas
Entered on May 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: good & evil

“Good vs. Evil”

While in high school, I joined a church youth group that met once a week to gather in fellowship. After being involved in the church for about a year, the youth group began to plan a mission trip to San Marco, Texas. I was reluctant to go and serve, but with the encouragement of the friends I had made, I decided to go and help. While serving and working on my first mission trip I made many friendships, from even the most unlikely people, which would last a lifetime.

I had been going to school with many of the youth group members for about a year, but some of us have never spoken because of our social circles. High school can be a place full of social cliques, causing many students to feel envious and jealous. Life was no different when we entered youth group. Things seemed to change during the week long mission trip taken that summer. I saw the hard work and dedication by the “cheerleaders, jocks, and popular students.” I witnessed their passion to help people in need. These were the students I had always wished to become, but knew I would never fit-in.

I had always believed throughout my life that certain people had this “evil” side to them, which caused gossip, rumors, and rude behavior. I was able to see that people can be affected by their surroundings and react in cruel and unusual ways in order to adapt. Those people, who chose to act on their “evil” instincts in my high school, are not always that way on the inside. After participating in four mission trips throughout high school, I learned a valuable lesson about perceptions and environments. I believe that all people have the ability to act in moral and respectful ways, but their environment can alter and shift people’s actions and attitudes.