Being a Soccer Player

Andy - Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Entered on May 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Being a Soccer Player

By: Andy L

What do you think being a soccer player would be like? This is what I think about being a soccer player. I think being a soccer player should be about having fun, not how many goals you made or assists. When playing a game you should always have fun and try your best. I think that some coaches take it a little too far. Like the summer soccer programs that allow everybody that want to play to play. The coaches think that it is a real competition and they have to be the best in the league and win every game. It may be different if you are on a school team. When you are on a school team then it is okay to be the best team in the league because you are actually competing in a conference division.

I have been playing soccer since I was in kindergarten and have always had fun doing it. When I say it shouldn’t be about how many goals or assists you make, I mean that shouldn’t be the only thing you are thinking about when you are playing the game. Of course it is fun to score the winning goal or even your first goal, or to help someone make the goal. There is so much more to the game that scoring though. The main thing you learn in soccer is teamwork. Teamwork is something that will help you throughout your life.

Competition is a great motivation. When you are on your high school team, you develop rivals in your division. It is always fun when you win and beat your rivals. The team practices hard together. There are a lot of skills you have to learn at practice. There are running skills, ball skills and team skills. Running is a great sport to take up during the off season of soccer to keep you active and on your feet. As a team sport you have to have respect for your coach and team to make it works.

There are different styles of soccer. There is all boys, all girls, coed, summer county soccer teams, select soccer team, and school soccer teams. I have played for all of the different types except the all girls. The summer soccer programs you do not have to try out to be on the team. To be on the high school team and select soccer teams you have to try out. Depending on your tryout will tell you if you made the team and what position you will play. Even if you played goalie for three years, if you try out in a different position and you do great they may switch your position. There are usually alternates to rotate positions. If your try out is really good as a freshman or sophomore you might get bummed up to the varsity level.

My goals in soccer are to continue to play all through high school. I am hoping to make the varsity team next year, or at least my junior year. I will also keep playing indoor soccer. It keeps me brushed up in my skills and teamwork during the off season. I plan on going out for the Chicago Fires major league soccer team. It is a big goal, but I know if I continue to play hard, practice and work as a team, and have fun playing soccer, I can do it.