Guillermo - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on May 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

What is the biggest belief in the world? I believe that a picture speaks thousand words. Everyone might have heard of that saying before. Everyone might have experience that saying in one way or another.

I have experienced it before. During the summer my mother bought a book with a bunch of pictures. Only one picture has stuck with me. It was a picture of a trench with bodies and bodies that were dead. When I first saw it I believed that it was horrible. In that picture I saw two guys carrying a dead body. Both of the guys had army like clothes. The picture was in black and white. Behind both of the guys it was mostly desert. There was no building and there was a trench full of bodies cover with white sheets.

My first impression on that picture was that something horrible happened. My first thought was that both of the guys must have killed that person that they were carrying. Later I read that those dead bodies were the Nazis. I thought to myself that why did I directly think that the picture was sad, and then when I found out what it really means I am glad of the picture, since the Nazis did create the Holocaust. By them being killed, it was good that the so called evil people were dead.

All in all, a picture could speak a thousand words, but it only means one word. It all depends on how you see the picture, as a good or bad picture.