Jordyn - Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Entered on May 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage

I strongly believe simply in courage.  What courage means to me is to face or deal with anything that is difficult, painful, or dangerous instead of hiding from that certain fear.  Most of the time when I hear or see the word courage I automatically think of the famous quote said by Franklin D. Roosevelt.  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  That quote reminds me that everyone must go through something where they have to gather up all their courage, face their fears, and run at it with full force.

Everybody has a fear and that is a fact.  It could be anything in the world, like speaking in front of crowds, playing a sport, or being the lead in a school play in which everyone is depending on you to do a spectacular job.  Courage is the number one thing I think every human being should have when going through tough times. I think I am courageous when it comes to playing softball.  Whenever I am up to bat, I get extremely nervous because I do not know whether I am going to hit the call of totally miss is and strikeout.  I also get fearful sometimes when I am on the field and I wonder of the ball will come to me and of I will make an error.  But when that ball is hit to me and I make a great play, I am convinced that I can do it, and I absolutely have nothing to worry about.  Even of I do make a mistake, I can just blow it off my shoulders and do better the next time around. There are many brave people in my life.  For example, my grandpa has the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s.  Everyday my grandma has to take good care of him, and just simply knowing that he is sick makes her want to cry and give up.  But she knows that if she is brave and she prays, God will help them both to get through it all.   I believe that everyone has a fear, and that all they need to overcome it is one little word I like to call courage.