Stop killing our mother

Shawn - Covington, Washington
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Mother Nature to be exact!

I have fond memories of the fragrant air from the rose gardens, the jasmine bushes, and the exotic flowers in this tiny Northwestern town near the Afghanistan border. British colonist did a wonderful job in emphasizing beauty of this place. Queen of Great Britain would visit this place for the unique species of flowers and birds.

I went back to this town in January 2000. I had hoped to show off its beauty to my American wife and kids who had never been there but heard a lot about it from me. The ride from airport to the house I raised in was anything but gut wrenching.

The beautiful trees and gardens were all gone, replaced by mud huts and small shops. The air was thick, filled with smog and dirt. The town seemed to be overflowing with people and vehicles. In addition to heavy air pollution, the noise pollution hit us big time. The narrow roads and residential streets were filthy and unkempt.

Before getting to this town, we had spent a week touring beautiful places in Italy and this was quite a let-down. My kids were asked “where are those rose gardens you were so excited to show us.” A wave of shame and anger crept through my body as I tried to find words. I could barely hold back my tears. “These people have raped this place. Overpopulation coupled with poverty has wiped out the natural beauty. They raped and killed mother nature.” I was sad and angry at the same time.

The population explosion in India and other impoverished countries nothing short of disaster. Much bigger than Tsunami. Why is this happening? Why wouldn’t it. My family and I and everyone around me are raping this beautiful earth. My parents had eight children, seven survived. Women are baby machines in this part of the world. The natural resources can not sustain such population explosion. On top of that, people have deforested this place to where I could not find the beautiful birds and wildlife I grew up with. Only the crows, lizards, and stray dogs and cats.

Humans, armed with weapons and modern medicine, have outsmarted the nature’s population controls. Improved infant mortality, longer life spans, and being on top of the food chain is causing human race to multiply faster than the rabbits and mice. And then the same run-away population cuts down trees and strips the land of the very natural resources it needs for sustenance.

So what’s the solution?

Control human population explosion. Planned Parenthood did little in this regard. Should we set quotas on how many children a family can have? Perhaps it is time to think of drastic measures. How about diverting funds for eradicating poverty towards eradicating the root cause of poverty and global warming. Sounds heartless? Not really. Just look at the barren lands and absence of wild life in these countries and you would get the gist of this message.