Everything Happens for a Reason

Barbra - New Franken, Wisconsin
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason. Throughout my life events have happened where I would ask myself, “Why does this always happen to me?” But then I really started to think about it.

For example, I can’t say I have the best father in the world. There are rare times where I can actually say we get along; but he is my father, and I do love him. One night I got to thinking what could possibly be good having him as my father. I discovered many things. I wouldn’t have my amazing mother or ten other brothers and sisters, I might have a different outlook on life, but most importantly, I wouldn’t be who I am today or possibly even exist.

After break-ups, people often think they have it tough. I still believe that good will end up coming from it. Maybe they weren’t being completely honest and never said anything to you about it, or maybe you’ll find someone even better.

Look at the bombing of the World Trade Center. I know it’s a touchy subject, but I still believe that if that never would have happened, our nation might not have realized how important it is that we try hard to get along. Sure, we may not have been in a war right now and thousands of lives were taken, but it almost seems as if the nation needed a disaster to happen to show us how horrible things could end up being. Maybe it’s not a fair exchange, but there is nothing we or anyone can do about it now.

It’s not always the big things that have reason to them. If I never would have fell off my bike and gotten a scraped knee, I wouldn’t know how to ride one. If I wouldn’t have ever been in certain class hours, I wouldn’t be friends with some of my best friends today. If I didn’t have a job to make money for myself, I wouldn’t appreciate everything that my parents do for me.

So next time you’re thinking your life is horrible and that nothing is going to go your way, think about it. I mean really take your time and think about it. I believe that there will be a reason for that to happen. I’m sure there will be some benefit, big or small, from what you thought was so bad.