I Believe in Sweet Pea

julie - durham, North Carolina
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I believe. Well, actually I believe in many things…the goodness of people, fresh blackberry pie, that better days are coming. The list is long but it surprised me to add Sweet Pea to my deeply held beliefs. No, she didn’t change the world but she certainly changed my life. She was my (our) fifth cat over a period of 25 years. We lost cantankerous Undabedd a few months earlier and slowly realized we needed a kitten in our lives. Sweet Pea had been deposited at the local animal hospital as she had been abandoned. She was only 6 months old and seemed rather rowdy or maybe just hyper. We named her before we discovered her personality. Somehow she won my affection quickly and I might add that this was not an easy task. She was an indoor cat which seemed a wise choice since we live on a busy street. Sweet Pea must have needed a mother as she kneaded and suckled the next 13 years. She hardly had a sweet pea disposition; she hissed at almost every one including cat lovers. Unfortunately, she had an eating disorder and food never seemed to satiate her. But yet I somehow believed in Sweet Pea for what she gave to me…her attention and constant companionship. I have the good fortune of dear friends and Sweet Pea is certainly one of the best. She was a confidante and a companion. I swear she seemed to listen to me and understand me. She was asignificant member of our family…the one who must be obeyed. We added Olive Oyl to the household…to keep Sweet Pea company but she maintained her loyalty to me. Sweet Pea died in April which pained me (us) greatly. But now I can add Sweet Pea to my list of beliefs…for what she gave me…love, beauty, and much laughter. She is a rather unusual soul mate for me but she was just that. Oh, the power of one cat. I will always miss her as Sweet Pea ruled our lives and our hearts.