Stephanie - Oakley, California
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: race, tolerance

Most believe that looking like everyone else is boring, but looking different from everyone else is out of the question. I have piercings, tattoos, and for a few years looked like I was on my way to a M”tley Cr-e concert. No matter where I go, or where I am, I am looked down at or stared at as if I was the main attraction at a freak show. Many people accuse me of being a Satan worshiper, that I am a drug addict, uneducated, and that I carry dangerous weapons with me. What those who judge me do not know is that I adore God, that I’m against drinking and drugs, I am very smart and that I am against violence.

I have learned that outside appearances should not judge the person for who they are on the inside. While I was a senior in high school there was a black girl, named Tristin, in my classroom who was always loud and obnoxious, and for that I could not stand seeing her or even being around her. Every time I saw her I would think to myself, “Here is another ghetto black girl thinking she can come on in here and run the place.” I was sadly mistaken; I later became friends with Tristin and realized she was such an amazing person. Being misunderstood for who I am as a person, and misunderstanding and judging Tristin for who she was really made me think what kind of person I was.

I am still confused as to why humans feel the need to judge others. Is it because those who have piercings and dress differently are a threat to you? Is it because you are secretly jealous that they are more outspoken with their personality then you are? Or is it just because you are a judgmental person? No matter what your answer is, you should always keep in mind that criticizing someone is not just words; it is a dagger to their feelings.

Sadly, we were brought up thinking that everyone needs to dress and look the same, so it’s no wonder why I get hawked down as if looking like I do is illegal. It’s such a shame that parents encode their children with such silly views on the world and on people, because if more people just accepted others for whom they are then our world would be so much welcoming.