Chain Reaction

Cody - Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In my life, I have many ups and downs. When I am feeling like the world is against me I find ways to become pleased again. Many actions that help me are playing sports, riding my bike, or listening to music. Those actions are helpful, but when others say something nice to me I cheer up the most of all. When I am feeling better I believe that I should do something nice for someone else.

The person that I would help would be a person that I very sad or depressed. This simple act of kindness could make the person’s day. In conclusion, I believe that if one person does something nice for one person that there will be a chain reaction and every person down the line will act with kindness towards another person.

Everyday we make a thousand decisions, and if we could make those decisions with kindness we could become a better person. One day I was sitting around doing nothing when my friend Justin called me to go to a party with him. At the same time my dad asked me to help him with the yard. I decided to help him because it was the right thing to do. In the end, it paid off because I still got to go to the party, and I also made some extra cash for helping my dad.

Many people don’t bother to give a helping hand to another person, but the few who do are the people who succeed in life. I know that it feels good to watch a person who I just helped thank me with great compassion. Most activities like hiking, basketball, and baseball get my blood pumping, but when I help someone, I have the best adrenaline rush of all. If this chain reaction would continue for many years, lots of people would live better or at least the simple chore could make their day. I have many family and friends that are nice everyday and that is why I am a fun person to be around. Most criminals in our country have no one to fall back on. Their families neglect them or the criminals may not even have a family. If someone in the world would do a little task for them, it could stop them from acting in bad ways.

There would be many more suicides if the few Americans would stop acting in kindness. There would be even fewer if more people would stop for a moment and show some kindness. I live everyday thinking how the world would be if everybody was kind. The world could be united with peace and joy. I take a small part in uniting the world as one by bringing joy to people who are in my life. That is why I believe a helping hand could be passed down for centuries.