Capital Punishment

Mitchell - Green Bay, Wisconsin
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in capital punishment. Capital punishment should be the law for all judicial cases that include intentional homicide. I would feel very unsafe about the people that get let loose in the world after they serve their jail sentence. I’ve never had any experience with this belief, but there are some good examples of bad people out there. Jeff Dahmer was one of them. Rapists who then kill people and use their skin to decorate their house should be punished. I think it is as plain as that. To know that they think they are decorating their house with another human’s life and skin is just sick. Cannibals are just as bad. The sad thing is, is that they are let out of jail back into the free world if not convicted of what they really did.

I feel very strong about this belief because it is a matter of right and wrong. It is not hard to distinguish between the right thing, not killing, and the wrong thing, killing. Having the death penalty may be killing itself, but it would get rid of any chances of it happening again. Sometimes you have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to be safe. The sacrifice is so much more advantageous to this world. It would free up jail cells for people who should be alive and be in there. It would save taxes because we have to pay for the food and hygiene of the prisons with our tax money.

Killing innocent people is one of the most selfish acts that can be done. The person that killed someone should die for putting the dead person’s family in so much pain and agony. The person that killed, killed for himself and left the people in the other family without so many things. I don’t know what I would do if one of my siblings were killed by a cannibal, rapist, or a serial killer.

Life imprisonment isn’t such a great thing either. Life imprisonment wastes taxes and makes the person’s life horrible. You are punishing the murderer, but you are also punishing yourself. It would be so much easier for them to just die. Nobody would have to worry about not being safe. It would also scare people away from killing. Some people might like it in jail. I don’t know. Life imprisonment is almost encouraging someone to kill depending on the situation. I think life would be easier if we would just make the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and self-assurance for the people.