I believe in Connecting the Dots

Kenneth - Evansville, Indiana
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: community

When I was younger, I remember having puzzle books. We had many coloring books and puzzle books, and I can remember searching through them, seeing mazes, color by number, and matching and more, but I always went straight to the puzzles with no pictures, just a blank page with little dots, and a few numbers here and there. I always enjoyed these puzzles, not only because they were easy, but because I liked to guess what the dots might form before I began connecting each numbered point. Usually I could guess what the picture would be; a bear, seal, or a jack in the box. I first began with dot number one. Then I worked my way around until each dot had been accounted for, and the picture complete.

I believe in connecting the dots. Although today, the dots aren’t on paper, I still challenge myself daily with a puzzle of finding dots and drawing lines between them. To me, the dots have become a network. A network of friends. A network of family. A network of co-workers, teachers, and neighbors. Each dot is important in my puzzle. When I was young, if I skipped a dot, the bear might lose his tail, or the seal, his nose. Now if I skip a dot, it redraws my entire life, though I may never realize it.

Dots are my life. I spend each day trying to find more dots. Throughout my life I have accumulated many dots. Most of them are friends of mine, but a great portion of them are teachers and employers also. I try to stay on good terms with my dots, so that they stay connected, and my social network continues to grow in strength and number. At a younger age, sometimes I would work backwards, connecting the dots in reverse, but it was hard to count dots downward, and the picture easily became scrambled. It is exactly the same with my social dots. I first must find the simplest dots, my friends, and as I find more dots, then I can search for more distant dots, people that I don’t know yet, like my future employer.

As I make friends and meet new faces, each person becomes a new dot in my lifelong puzzle. The more dots I have, the clearer the picture becomes. I believe in finding and connecting as many dots as possible. Then, my life’s image is impossible to miss.