I believe in Tenacity

Eric - Evansville, Indiana
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“I believe in Tenacity”

I believe in tenacity. I believe in never giving up on something no matter how hard it is; nothing is impossible. The passion I have for tenacity came to me at age nine.

It was baseball season. Oh boy. I wasn’t the happiest guy on earth when it was time for sign-ups, but I felt that there would be something different about this year. We had tryouts for all the coaches to see which players they wanted on their teams. A man named Jeff Harrison picked me to be on his team that year. He was a really good guy, and he had the best sense of humor. We had our first practice a couple of days later, and that day was the day I really disliked baseball. We took ground balls, and every other one I missed. I was getting really frustrated. We also took batting practice, and that didn’t go over so well either. I was walking back to the dugout after hitting when all of a sudden I didn’t want to go back out onto the field. I just sat there. My eyes were tearing up, and I had so much anger inside. I could have exploded if it wasn’t for someone to save me from myself.

My mother came into the dugout and asked me what was wrong. I told her I hated baseball and that I wanted to quit. I listened to her voice telling me to stick it out, to be tough and tenacious. Her voice was like a soothing song. It made me calm down and relax. I asked my mom what tenacity meant and she told me it meant to never give up, to keep trying. She talked about old times where she needed tenacity and it really helped her to have it. Her nursing schooling was really tough and she talked about possibly giving up, but she never did. Ever since that talk, I’ve grown into a love for baseball and every day I thank my mother for instilling that in me.

My belief in tenacity was sparked not only by my mother’s words, but the thought of what all that I could accomplish in my life. I had a lot of goals for myself and I could accomplish them, no matter how hard the circumstance was, because I had tenacity. My ultimate goal is to play Major League baseball, but as for right now, the baseball scholarship that I received will suit me just fine.