The Necessity of Cell Phones

Amanda - Evansville, Indiana
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in cell phones. For centuries humans have existed perfectly fine without cells phones to rely on, however they are a great asset for us in today’s society. Cell phones are currently one of the main forms of communication that people use on a daily basis. The loud ringtones and alert tones tend to annoy the public, but most of the individuals that are annoyed by the obnoxious noises have a cell phone tucked away somewhere themselves.

I purchased my first cell phone when I was a freshman in high school. I was completely obsessed with it. It never really became a necessity until my junior year. My family and I had just moved to Haubstadt, Indiana and I chose to take back roads home after cheer practice one evening. I had only driven those roads at night about two times, so I was pretty unfamiliar with my surroundings. I got almost half way home when my tire blew out and my car ended up in a ditch.

I ended up all alone on a pitch black road and had not passed any other cars for miles. I was scared to death until I realized that I had stuck my cell phone in my pocket right before my tire blew out. I remember quickly grabbing the phone and calling 911, as well as my mother. As the emergency workers showed up to get my car out of the ditch, I realized that without my cell phone I probably would have been stranded in the middle of nowhere, walking down the road to find the nearest gas station. After my accident, I made sure to call the phone company and show my appreciation for their product.

Looking back on times like that, I realize exactly how important my cell phone really is. I will no longer go anywhere without it. Everyday people use them to contact loved ones in case of emergencies, business purposes, and ways to keep themselves away from boredom. Tons of citizens complain about cell phone usage each day, but who is it really hurting? From my point of view, it is just a convenient way of getting a hold of someone at any time. However, if one does not want to take a call they can always just hit the ignore button. I believe in cell phones and I will always have mine within arm’s reach in case of emergencies.