Metro sexual

Lance - Goshen, Indiana
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe

I believe that metro sexual is the best sexuality. Being a metro sexual has its benefits, but it also has its set backs. There are many different examples of being a metro sexual such as dressing nice, care about how you look, and just being a clean person in general. Metro sexual is great because you can look nice but still be a straight guy scoring for chicks.

Being a metro sexual I enjoy making sure I look nice just about everyday. I care about how I dress and the way I style my hair. I actually counted the pairs of shoes I have just at my apartment. That does not even include the pairs of shoes at my parents house or at my girl friends house and right now just at my apartment I have 32 pairs of shoes. Some of my shoes I have had for about two or three years and they still look new.

I also tend to make sure my apartment is extremely clean at all times. I even have flowers and candles set everywhere around my apartment. I just enjoy walking into my apartment knowing that I am not coming home to a trash pit. I wash my sheets once a week and make sure that I have no dishes in the sick, they are always in the dish washer or cleaned ready to be used again. I do my laundry twice a week and I have to make sure I wear the softest under shirts possible.

The only down fall is when I get asked if I am gay. Two weeks ago while I was working I was serving on this couple and when I gave them their bill the girl asked me if I was gay. I was pretty appalled and could not believe that she would even ask such a question but I took it as more of a compliment because I figured maybe she just thought the way I looked and acted that I was gay. I thought well most gay guys look half way decent so heck I must look half way decent.

The other problem is that my girlfriend gets upset with me at times because I always have to make sure I look good before we go anywhere. She sometimes wonders if I am actually gay. I just tell her if I was gay wouldn’t I cringe when I have to kiss you. She also gets mad because there is normally a lot of people guys and girls that look at me and I think it offends her because I think she think I am going to dump her for someone else.

In some ways it is tough acting the way I do but this is how I am and I probably will never change. I like being me and I like making sure I am dressed for any occasion. There is nothing wrong with being metro sexual, acting kind of gay but loving on women.