A perfect lie

Gideon - USA
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

A Perfect Lie

It was a Saturday morning in December and as usual I was supposed to replace my mom at her shop so she could run some errands. But on this day, I had a completely different plan. It had been a long time since I saw Ivy, my girlfriend, and my holidays were coming to an end so I decided to borrow my dad’s truck and go on a road trip with my girl.

Borrowing my dad’s truck was never easy so I had to come up with a ‘perfect lie’ (at least that was what I thought at the moment) which like all lies, caught up with me later. I however learned a valuable lesson to be honest at all times no matter the consequences and this, I believe.

On this particular Saturday, I pretended I had a severe headache and needed to see our family doctor. This lie paid off with my mom which was good for a start and so I did not have to replace her later in the day, but I still had to convince my dad. Since he was the tougher one to convince I told him I had a severe headache as well as a mild abdominal pain and so I needed to visit the doctor. I said “mild abdominal pain” because there was a chance of him opting to take me there himself.

Luckily, he also fell for my lie but added this question: “are you sure that is all you need to do today?” Later on, I wondered if he knew I was lying but at that moment I was so thrilled I responded innocently: “yes dad, that’s all for today.” So I got dressed, took the keys and off I went.

After two and a half hours of driving, I finally made it to Ivy’s house. There, we spent a lot of time talking with her parents after which Ivy and I went on a road trip. We drove around town, shopped in a few stores and stopped by the lake where we had lunch and relaxed. At 8:00pm, we drove back to Ivy’s house where I said goodbye to her parents and began my 2-hour drive back home. I stopped at a local pharmaceutical shop where I grabbed a couple of over-the- counter drugs just in case my parents wanted to see what the doctor prescribed. This, however, turned out to be a waste of money since my parents were already asleep when I returned and did not ask any questions about my alleged doctor’s visit for two days.

I was so sure I had gone away with this lie until Tuesday, the day I was supposed to go back to boarding school. Moments before I left, Ivy and her parents came by with a present to say goodbye. I thought I missed a heartbeat when I saw them. I pulled Ivy to the side and asked her why the unexpected visit but she explained it was meant to be a surprise.

Our parents exchanged greetings and somewhere in the middle of their conversation, Ivy’s mom mentioned what a good time they had talking with me on Saturday…There was a sudden and prolonged silence and at that instant, I wished the ground beneath me could open and swallow me so I could be spared the shame. My dad looked at me and said: “I thought you were at the doctor’s office.” I felt so embarrassed and from that day, if there was anything I believed in the most, it was honesty.