Flip-Flops in the Winter

Michelle - Portage, Indiana
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

As a result of living in the mid western area of the United States, every year the people of this area experience all four seasons in full force. Our summers are blazing hot; our falls are full of leaves changing and the weather getting colder, our springs are a complete transition time that teases us with the wonders of summer, and for our winters we are overloaded with freezing temperatures, snow storms, and white outs.

Although the winters are almost unbearable and to even walk outside you have to be all bundled up from head to toe to not feel like you are freezing instantly, I still find wearing flip-flops in the winter to be very beneficial to my fashion sense and to help coordinate my outfit for the day. Some outfits you can’t complete with a pair of boots, gym shoes or clogs. Sometimes I just really need myself a good old broken in pair of flip flops to complete my choice of outfit for the day, even if the winds are blistering cold and the snow is up to my knees.

Although I was completely for freezing my feet off in the winter to keep me looking my best, my mom wasn’t so much for it. Almost every winter since middle school I would always try to get pass my mom in the morning when I was leaving the house wearing flip-flops in the winter, but for some reason she always had some sneaky suspicion and knew exactly what I was doing. So I came up with the great idea of leaving the house in the morning with big warm socks on and some sort of enclosed shoe and then when I arrived at school I would first run to the nearest bathroom or sitting area and swap out the embarrassingly warm and comfortable shoe and pull out of my back pack my ever so “cool” flip- flops. This was ultimately to make my mom happy even though when I left the house I felt like my outfit was a complete disaster as soon as I got to school I felt that as soon as I put the flip flops on it just all came together with a simple swap. This always worked out really well all through out middle school and most of high school until one day I had some how snuck by my mom one morning when I was leaving the house and somehow got to school successfully still in my flip-flops. To my surprise while I was in school we had gotten about 5 to 6 inches of snow and of course on this same day a lovely student at our school had pulled the fire alarm so all of the students had to pile outside and of course, I was wearing flip-flops! My feet felt like they were about to fall off, we had to stand out there for over an hour and it was one of the worst hours I had ever been through. Although I may have been freezing, I still looked good; this is why I believe in wearing flip-flops in the winter.