Is There Kindness?

Adam - Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Is There Kindness?

When I walk outside for a stroll in the park I like to think that I live in a perfect world, but it’s hard to say that. It might be true for the astronauts on the International Space Station who look down on us with pure joy or the person who just won 300 million dollars and is trying to find a new house. For me though, it’s a little different. I watch the news and find new groups fighting with each other, people protesting, and bitterness around the world. With all that it’s hard to believe that there is any kindness. But I do believe in kindness.

I love saying hi to people, helping with chores, and thanking you for what you’ve done. When I call tech support I don’t yell and blame the person for all my problems, I do what they want me to and am kind to them while hinting that I might be the reason for the problem-not them. The same goes for me at the airport. Recently our airports have been plagued with long and frequent delays. Whether it is plane inspections, weather, or the volume of aircraft in the area, there are numerous reasons for an airplane to be delayed. Does this mean that we should go yell at the ticket agent or nearest airline representative? No, there is nothing to be gained by expressing your frustration. This is when you put a smile on your face and go to the agent and kindly ask what the airline would like you to do or maybe you could even ask them for something to accommodate your schedule.

We all have been kind at one time, but why not all the time? I know I am not kind all the time. Is it the stress we have in our lives or the pain of something not going exactly how we wanted it to? We as Americans should realize that we have power to influence. We have influenced numerous countries throughout time with our fashions, movies, and even our government. But why not with our kindness? Why can’t we show the world that we love each other and love them? Well, we can it’s just hard.

We can be kind. We can show the world that we want to live in peace. I believe in kindness, for what else is there to believe in.