I Believe that Professional Sports Players are Overpaid

Nick - luxemburg, Wisconsin
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The definition of overpaid is “being paid to much”. Many people are unaware of how overpaid many players are in professional sports. They assume that it is worth it because without that person their team would fail. I believe professional football and baseball players are overpaid.

The average salary for a major league baseball player is $150,000. The average American citizen earns $43,000 a year. What is harder playing baseball or working in the mill 45 hours a week for a fraction of the pay! The highest paid baseball player in the major leagues is Alex Rodriguez. He signed a nine-year deal worth $250 million dollars. That comes out to be $28 million dollars a year! Say a person works for 35 years and earns 43,000 a year. This person would make about one and a half million dollars in a lifetime. That is without buying anything the whole time he works. In 1967 the average salary for a baseball player was about $6,000 dollars a year. Within thirty years the average salary went up 25 times. They are allowed to pay the players so much because the fans are willing to pay more and more to watch them play. World Series ticket prices have went up 1,000%. In 1969 box seats at the World Series were $15. Today a box seat sells for $315.

In 2007 the average salary paid for first round draft picks in the National Football League is $230,000. These are kids that just graduated from college. The average player in the National Football League only plays for three years. They either have a career ending injury or nobody wants to sign them. Last year the Packers had Brett Favre signed for about ten million. Now I am a Packers fan and I still think that is paying too much even for Brett Favre. When it is really thought about all that football players do is have a few hour practice during the season and play a game on Sunday. Many people would love to play a game they love and earn millions of dollars while doing it. This makes a lot of people wish they wouldn’t have given up throwing the old pigskin around.

It is really all our fault that they get paid so much. If we did not have the obsession of watching the big game on Sunday of watching Sports Center the players would not be paid this much. We have this need to sit on our couch for hours watching people the size of ants run around on our television screen. The more fans there are the more the players will be paid. If nobody is watching the games know one is going to pay them to play. How do the players receive their paycheck? We are the ones that are paying them so much. Every time someone goes to a game that money is used to pay the players!