killing Isn’t Wrong

andy - casco, Wisconsin
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Andy t

Killing Isn’t Wrong

I believe that killing isn’t wrong because if we couldn’t kill animals we wouldn’t have any meat. If we didn’t kill animals they would over populate the earth. For example if we didn’t kill deer they would destroy our forests and ruin farmers crops. The deer will eat all the food so the other animals will go extinct. Even humans might go extinct because the there wouldn’t be no crops to make food out of. The chronic wasting disease will spread through other animals faster.

I believe killing isn’t wrong because if we didn’t kill cows we wouldn’t have any beef. If killing was illegal people would lose there jobs. For example if McDonalds and burger king would go out of business. Meat processing plants will go out of business and hundreds of people will lose there jobs.

Wolves will over populate and make it dangerous for kids to play outside. Because we wouldn’t be able to hunt them. And there would be so many animals for them to eat. Bears numbers would go up and make it even more dangerous.

I believe killing isn’t wrong because if we didn’t kill animals twice as many people dieing because of car accidents. And if we couldn’t kill pigs there wouldn’t be any use for them. And if we didn’t eat meat eventually you could die of malnutrition.

In the UK they are killing tons of badgers because they have a disease that may kill their cattle. Is it right to do or not? I don’t think it’s wrong because it’s threatening the cattle. But others say it is wrong because you could catch them and keep them in a shelter. But why make them suffer.

If it is wrong to kill animals what about animals killing humans. If we would hunt predators maybe it will lesson the chance of being attacked by bears or wolves. That’s why I believe that killing isn’t wrong it’s only wrong to kill other human beings.