The War in Iraq

Ethan - Luxemburg,WI 54217, Wisconsin
Entered on May 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: war

Recently one of my friends has died in Iraq. Dean Opicka was a 29-year-old Marine who died in a roadside bomb attack in the al-Anbar province of Iraq. Dean was a hard and proud working man. He always thought about others before himself and never fussed about anything. I knew Dean well because he was my friend’s uncle.

When I was younger, the three of us would do things together or even just talk. I could always tell that Dean was proud to be in the Marines so he could protect our country. Dean was a person I looked up to and I considered him a hero to me. Dean really inspired me a lot because he was one of the greatest and determined I ever knew. Deans death has really put an impact on me because it showed me how much soldiers do for us and how much life really means. I will never forget Dean because he risked his life to save me and our country.

I believe that we should pull our troops out of the war. All the soldiers who have been killed in the war have been killed for know reason at all. Way to many lives have been taken when we don’t even need to be there.

We’ve been in Iraq for almost seven years now. We’ve came to a point now were we don’t even need to be there. I believe that we should have never gone to Iraq in the first place. Way to many families are being hurt every day by hundreds and thousands of soldiers that are dieing for know reason at all. The war has gone to far, its time to leave.