I believe that Mark is the man

Lexi - temecula, California
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe that Mark A is the man

Mark is my step-dad and has been for many years he is so cool and he never lets anyone forget that he is the man. He is always real with me and has never lied to me except for when he is trying to play a joke on me. He is always trying to say something that is funny or clever to make someone laugh he is usually successful, his line is “I’m like butter baby because I’m on a roll.” This almost always follows something else that was said.

Mark is always straight with what he is saying and he never turns away from the point he is trying to get across. This is great especially when he is talking about something that is very serious, such as periods, or grades no matter how awkward it is. He has this which is a good quality to display when there are many distractions in life. He has my sister Raegan, my brother Cole and I to handle plus work, he can obviously pull a lot off at once.

I know that Mark loves me because he has never lied to me, I can tell. He has only played jokes and held in surprises, but I never thought that even counted. Mark is always fooling me and my brother Cole, and of course my sister she is only three years old, so it’s not really all that difficult. He never lies though and that is a major point, that I want to stress he is great and is real all of the time in what he says he can be completely serious and funny all in less than a minute.

I sometimes do things that are not the most pleasing, but eventually we are back to normal. Well you can never completely gain someone’s full trust once you’ve lost it, yet he tries to forgive and forget. No matter how hard it is for him because he want’s to build a serious relationship in the household. Things in our house are done differently like the time I was caught passing notes which is bad I know that, but he was mad for awhile, yet he didn’t blow up in my face he never does I’m lucky to have him in my life even though I don’t say it that often.

These are some of the many reasons that I can never forget that Mark is the man. And he will be 80 years old and I will still remember…

I believe Mark is the man