Sometimes Change Can Be For The Best.

Karen - Temecula, California
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Sometimes Change Can Be For The Best.

By: Karen B

Date: 5/1/08

I believe a rose can bloom even in the driest dessert. About eight years ago, I lived a so called “perfect” life. My dad was always home, and since his work was so near by he got home early. I had a great mom she was always there, and she still is, and I had a great little brother. Everything seemed great, right?

One day my parents decided we were going to move, and of course I was devastated! When they gave me the news, my eyes grew about twice their normal size, and I went into panic. All of my friends lived here and I wasn’t up for the idea, plus all of my precious memories had happened hear. I wasn’t willing to give them up just yet, and move an hour away into Temecula. Which at the time, near my neighborhood at least, was completely surrounded by dirt. I counted down the days, they just seemed to slip through my fingers, I didn’t have time to savor them. Finally, the day I had dreaded so much finally arrived. I had no choice but to confront it. I solemnly helped my dad shove and place old couches, boxes full of toys, plates, clothes, and anything else you can put in a box, into the moving van. My mom’s truck glistened below the sun’s rays, I stared at it for a while then glanced over my shoulder at what would soon fade into a memory, my house. I asked my dad for the camera and snapped a quick picture, before I knew it tears were running down my sun kissed cheeks.

“MOM! WE CAN’T MOVE. PLEASE LET ME STAY WITH MY GRANDMA! PLEASE WE CAN’T, WE CAN’T MOVE!” I gripped onto my mom’s arm, and looked at her with hopeless eyes and begged to stay.

“Honey, every thing’s going to be okay. Just wait,” My mom calmly explained, and hugged me gently.

Unwillingly, I pushed myself to make my feet get to the car. The sun beating on my face, I let it dry off my tears. Driving away, I stared at my house and waved goodbye to all the memories stored away in it. We drove off onto the freeway, towards what I would soon call home. Just as we reached the freeway I fell into a deep sleep.. We soon arrived, and we all poured out of my mom’s truck, and I dragged myself to my new home, I didn’t know at the moment but I would get even more attached to this home then I had become towards the other one.

I have now lived in Temecula, California for about four years, and if I was offered to play back time I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Since we moved here I’ve seen dramatic changes in my life, my family and I have gotten closer to God and he’s changed our life in so many ways. We saw that when we lived in Oceanside we weren’t really happy, we just thought we were. Also, we’ve welcomed a new baby boy into our family. Today, I look at that old picture I once so proudly snapped and smile at the thought of how my life changed for the better.

I believe that a rose can bloom even in the driest dessert.