Sarah - san jose ca, California
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that when one sacrifices their sense of self how are we to know who they really are?

My personal experience of what I believe has not only happened to me but others around me. Throughout middle school is when I believe most adolescents are struggling to find their place in the world. During my seventh grade year all the way to the end of my eighth grade year I struggled with myself. In seventh grade I was part of the “in” crowd and unfortunately we chose to be mean and rude to other people, I did not approve of this, however, that is what I felt I needed to do to be accepted. Where as eighth grade I was set in a whole new school where I thought I needed to be fake something I cannot stand in people today. It was a major transition from being known to unknown but I took it with a grain of salt n used it to better myself. I realized that it’s not about being someone your not it’s about letting the true you shine through.

I do not believe in conforming to society. My outlook on life comes from a whole other perspective then most people. You like me or you don’t; its that simple there’s no in between. I am not perfect nor do I ever want to be. What is the definition of perfect? I was not placed on this earth to please others; I just need to please myself and be happy with who I am. You have to be an open person; open to criticism and harsh reality from the ones you love. It builds character and allows you to be able to change and grow as an individual and allows you to see the real you. I live for myself, be who you are for no one other then yourself do not conform to what you think people want you to be or what society portrays. BE ORIGINAL!