Chad - east lansing, Michigan
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in Monsters. Life without Monster energy drinks would be just so bland. Monsters make life more preferable (<^-^>). If some person didn’t come up with Monsters life would be…. well honestly life would be umm…. well not as good as is would be with Monsters. If Monsters didn’t exist then life would just come crashing down on us. People would just sit on their couches and eat potato chips and watch Family Guy (which wouldn’t be all that bad but after a while you would get pretty tiresome).

I believe in Monsters because they’re cool and have that cool logo on the can and for many other reasons that would take to long to explain… The Monster energy comes in a plentiful amount of flavors like Khaos, Lo-Carb, M-80, MIXXD, Assault and just plain Monster energy. Monsters come in lots of colors such as orange, blue, green, yellow and red witch even has cool black and gray camo.

Most people think energy drinks are pure sugar but there wrong about the Monster. Most Monsters are from 50%-80% juice. That’s almost as much as Juicy-Juice. The thing is Monsters taste tem times as good a Juicy-Juice. All monsters also are 100% MONSTER.