I believe in the power of make-up

Kelly - Plainville, Indiana
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of make-up. The kind of make-up that can cover up your insecurities, and allow you to have a worry free day. Or maybe even the kind that can help you find yourself, without really letting go of who you truly are. I believe in finding your true inner beauty.

In a society that is constantly reminding you of beauty, it is nice to know that there is beauty in a bottle. Make-up can make you whom ever you choose to be for the day. You may decide to be a Goth one day, or a clown from the circus the next. Make-up is never ending and always changing. Make-up is about helping you to feel beautiful in a world full of ugly things. It helps you to recognize yourself, even if it does only stay on for a day. Because I also believe in having a clean slate, with a fresh start.

A friend of mine was born with a birth mark covering her entire face. I do not think that she was ever truly seen for the first few years of her life, only heard. By a doctor, she was prescribed make-up to help cover the birth mark. I believe it was then that she truly felt beautiful. She was finally seen for who she was on the inside, rather than her birth mark. Besides, isn’t what’s on the inside what matters the most?

I believe that make-up can also show sides of a persons personality or mood that you are feeling. It is almost as if it has a way to take control. For instance, when you are feeling down you may choose to wear darker shades of make-up. Or, when you are feeling happy you might wear lighter shades. Make-up has a way of defining you, without giving away everything.

I am now a freshman in college and I am living on my own for the very first time. I would have to say that I am definitely enjoying my independence. I have learned many things about the people around me. Some girls may wear a gallon of make-up to cover up their insecurities, or maybe they are attempting to be that clown from the circus. Whatever may be the cause, just remember, your face is a blank pallet, a fresh start. Happy painting!