My Days up on the Hill

Julie - San Diego, California
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, work

I believe that hard work pays off and I now realize how beneficial the hard days up on the hill were to me. For as long as I can remember, my family has worked toward the long dreamed of goal of building our new home on the hill. Along with this dream, came all the work to make it a reality. All I could think about was how wonderful it would be to have my own room, a big beautiful house, a huge yard, and to finally have a pool. This breathtaking image in my head helped me get through the strenuous work, but nothing could completely convince me that all the hours I put in could ever make a difference.

My childhood summers consisted of waking in the wee hours and going “up on the hill” to work before the temperature reached triple digits. I have memories of leveling the building site, tying rebar, pouring cement, and running tractors. I learned how to use compactors and man lifts, drive our backhoe, loader and dump truck, and even the basics for building a house. At the time, this activity of working on the hill was what I dreaded most in life.

I spent years despising my dad for this forced labor, but looking back, I thank him for the values he instilled in me during those hard days on the hill. As a college student, I strive to do my best not only to make my parents happy, but for my own self-fulfillment as well. I feel this force inside that pushes me to accomplish everything I want. I am organized and see that through hard work and perseverance, good outcomes are inevitable.

As a child, what I needed was help figuring out the basic values to make myself successful in life and in the future. From that perspective, I had a very valuable childhood and many lifetime learning experiences. I look back at “the hill”, the place I once classified as “hell” and realize that it has, in fact, become my own little paradise and a place full of memories that I will cherish forever.

The way I was brought up has become a huge part of the person I am today. I always work hard at everything I do, just like my dad taught me to do since I was little. I believe that MY life is about setting numerous goals for myself and working hard to achieve them. MY life is about doing whatever it takes to reach the “next step” and get as far as I can in life. MY life is about making a difference in the world instead of just standing back and letting it pass by. Finally, MY life is about working hard and creating the future I want for myself and the people important to me. I know that hard work always pays off, if only we could all work together to accomplish something amazing!