This I Believe: My Family

Michael - Topeka, Kansas
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

“This I Believe”

I have a very strong belief in FAMILY and how it is important in daily life. At my

church I am taught to love and be kind to my family members. I can show my love to my family members by helping them with their chores and jobs around our house each day. I can also show my love for my family by doing things to help them. Some examples of what I can do in my family are helping my brother with his math homework or helping my sister with her spelling.

One day when I came home from school, my mom told me that my little brother and his friends drank all the Hawaiian Punch that I had bought for a party that I was supposed to go to. So, my little brother Connor heard and said he was sorry for drinking it all with his friends. The next day when I came home I found another package of drinks on my bed with a little sorry note from my brother and I learned that he had paid for it all by himself with his own money. This made me feel really good about my brother, but after what he had done I didn’t quite get rid of my feelings about him. Later, I actually forgot to bring the drinks to the party, but my dad brought them over to the party and told me my brother Connor saw them still at home and he reminded my dad that I wanted them for the party.

When I got home after my party, my family told me that Connor was at his friend’s birthday party. I rode my bike to the store since my mom happened to be busy with the other kids in my family. When I got there I saw that his favorite type of candy was on sale, so I bought it and wrote him a thank you note. When Connor got home he was so surprised that my mom said he almost cried! I could not help but wonder why, but later I learned that I was his idol. Connor actually told me that when I was outside practicing basketball.

On another day, Connor came outside with me and wished me luck and said that I was his favorite basketball player (other than Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley). I then realized basketball really didn’t matter as much as I thought it did, and that I could lose the tournament, but my brother wouldn’t care if I won or not, just that I tried my best and worked hard.

I have reflected on these experiences with my little brother, Connor, and always remember that I had found yet another reason to live. That reason was for my brothers and sisters. They look up to me, and I enjoy being there for them. That’s why I believe that family is one of the greatest treasures to have.