Staying Young at Heart

Dana - Roxboro, North Carolina
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Mencius, a Chinese philosopher, read my mind when he said “the great man is he who does not lose his inner child,” and therefore, I believe in finding a way to make youth withstand age. At almost twenty years old I am still a little kid at heart and I hope that never changes. Having an inner kid keeps me sane and even saves my life at times. When I feel my stress level rising, I love nothing more than to take a break and bring to life a page of my favorite coloring book. It is refreshing to be able to relax my mind and enjoy the things I did when I was younger. My inner child keeps me from taking life too seriously. I only live once and I want to enjoy every second before it passes me by. As a child, life was simple fore I had not been introduced to college life or the male sex. Unfortunately, I have now been welcomed into the stressful world of adulthood, and although I cannot completely be carefree, I can let the inner child out every now and then. I know life is going to blow up in my face a few good times; however, instead of a frown, I have a childish grin on my face and my favorite Shel Silverstein book under my arm. When I am sixty-five years old, I am still going to have coloring books, watch Disney movies, and swing with my grandbabies at the play ground, and I honestly believe I am going to be a happier person because of it.