Judging Other People

Ashley - Casco, Wisconsin
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

My little brother Justin is in sixth grade and also in Special Education. Special Education is class where you get help from a lot of teachers and the class is much easier than all of the other classes that are not Special Education. Justin wears a hearing aid and has a very difficult time is school. When he gets homework my mom and dad have a friend in our family come over because both my mom and dad can not help Justin on our homework because they too have disabilities. Several students at school pick on him and judge him be the way he looks and acts in school. When Justin gets off the bus and looks very sad, that means he had another bad day. I feel bad for my brother who has to put up with other students picking on him.

I believe no one should judge other students at school or just in public because it affects them deep down inside and well effect them for the rest of there lives. Justin is the kind of brother that comes to me when he needs help. I am willing to help him anytime and always well help him. Justin was born with his disabilities. My mom and dad are also like my brother. They have a hard time learning things and you have to repeat yourself more than once. It is very hard being the oldest child in the family and I am the one that helps my mom, dad, and my brother Justin. My mom and dad cannot even write out checks because they do not know how to, so they need someone to help them to write out the check. I feel sorry for my family because many people make fun of them for it. I believe no one should be judge based on appearance and what they cannot do.