Be Yourself

Mandy - Casco, Wisconsin
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I know many people that don’t act like themselves when they are around certain people. They either try to impress others or ditch their true friends. I believe in being yourself and not trying to please everyone else because in the end you and your true friends are the only people that should count.

Being in high school you always want to be labeled as cool as or better than others, and sometimes in order to be labeled that way we ditch the people that matter the most to us. When you are around people who you aren’t used to, you have a tendency to act like a different person. Whether you do things that usually you would think were wrong just to impress others or ignore your real friends, you still aren’t going to be cooler or better than others. Usually people will like you better when you act like yourself.

I remember in grade school how everyone was obsessed with being liked by everyone and I was one of those people. I used to be worried about what people would say about me when I wasn’t around. I would try to act cool if someone, I thought, was cooler than me was around. I would ditch my true friends because I thought they weren’t as well-liked as other people. Then when I found a group of loyal and honest friends that taught me that it doesn’t matter what people think. I started to care less and less about what people thought of me. I realized that the only people that matter are my best friends, my family, and most importantly myself. I also realized that if you have to impress someone for them to be your friend they probably aren’t the greatest of friends. I know I’m never going to be better than others and thats fine with me as long as I have true friends who care about me.

Now when I see other people ditch the people that really care about them, it makes me feel bad because I know if they keep treating them badly their friends won’t be there in the future.