Gay Pride and More

Rhea - Casco, Wisconsin
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

Gay Pride and More

Most think of gay people as a disease, but not me. I have grown up in many places, lived in many cities. All I heard about was that not being straight was against God. Most of my school is filled with people who wouldn’t even look twice at people with a different sexual orientation then them.

Me, I think that being different is the best trait that anybody could have. They have the power to walk up to somebody who doesn’t like who you are and say I am gay. They inspire me to have the courage to tell people who I am and that I’m not ashamed and okay it.

My mother would always tell me that if I would ever turn bisexual or lesbian to tell her when I am out of the house. Well my sister went up to my mom and she told her flat out. “Mom, I am bisexual.” My mom laughed a little then found out she was serious. My mom then realized that being different wasn’t a bad thing.

It pains me when I hear “normal” people making fun of people that are different from them. Nobody has the right to make a person choose to be straight. It is what they feel is right in their self that’s what they should be. So if someone wants to be gay or bisexual that is really cool, but if they let other people decide for them, they are not being their true self.

Just how Harper Lee said in To Kill A Mockingbird “you would never know a person until you crawl in his skin and walk around in it.”