Danielle - Casco, Wisconsin
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: fear

I believe in conquering your fear. Fear is common to every human being out there. It is a part of human life. Fear helps make you react to certain circumstances that you may encounter in your everyday life. When you feel unsafe, you have fear and it will control how you react to the situation. I don’t think fear should control our lives and reactions; therefore, I believe we should conquer our fear and have control over our own lives.

I used to have the fear of competing in activities in front of an audience. Every time I would see people watching me, I would screw up in whatever I was doing. If I was playing volleyball, the next ball that came to me would be a bad pass. Then one day I became sick of screwing up and embarrassing myself whenever I would become nervous and fearful. I decided to try forgetting about people watching me and just be who I am and do what I do. I also realized that the more I played in front of people, the less nervous I became. I became more comfortable on the volleyball court or even on the track. I now encourage people to come and watch me compete instead of trying to encourage them not to come. I still have the fear of speaking in front of an audience though. I believe that the only way my fear will go away is if I overcome it and speak in front of people more often. I need to become comfortable in front of others and not let my fear control me and my life. I think that if I can overcome my fear of speaking in front of an audience, I will be more successful in life. My fear controls how I react when I am in front of an audience. It makes me uncomfortable, and it makes me speak especially fast.

I don’t think that fear should hold people back or control our lives. I think that we as humans should control our own lives and not have to worry about fear controlling our lives for us. I think that sometimes people hide from their fear instead of overcoming it. I think the faster they overcome their fear, the faster they will have a less stressful life. I believe that fear is not only a weakness but also stress. I don’t think that we should have to worry and be afraid of things in our lives that are unnecessary. Therefore, I believe in conquering fear.