Death isn’t the end

Kimberly - New Franken, Wisconsin
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Even though every one is scared of death, it can also mean that if you lived a long life. Not all the time though will some of the people have lived a long life, for instance a new born child who died at birth, or if a younger adult would happen to pass away. Many of us are scared of death including myself, but I think that there is a new opportunity after we die.

When my grandpa past away, I know that he a great life. He did many things with his children and his grandchildren, he was a family guy. He would do any thing for anyone, and I know that he had a great life. On the other hand my aunt was supposed to have a baby girl, but she died at birth. Just thinking of all the opportunities I had in my life and all the new things that I got to do, it just does not seem fair that she did not even get to see life with her own eyes.

As I think of a new born child I think of a child who has a whole life in front of them and all events that they will have in their life. On the other hand when I think of an older person, like a grandparent, I think that they have live a long life and when they do die that it is not as sad as if a younger teen or baby died, because you know that they got to live their life .

I also think that when you do die that there is another life that is waiting for you. Also I think that every one has there time to die, but I do not want to know when my time is so that I can live my life to its fullest and I wont have to warrior when it is my last because everyday is filled with a mystery. So stop thinking warrior about the day that it might happen and start living today, so when you do die the people around you know that you had lived your life to its fullest.