Color Shouldn’t Matter

Alex - Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There are many different kinds of people in our world. Asians, African Americans, Europeans, Hispanics. Even though we all look noticeably different on the outside, we, as a whole, on the inside, are not different at all. With all of the murder, drug dealing, war, and burglary in the world currently, everyone’s prejudice views have led them to make wrongful decisions, arrests, and accusations. Because of these prejudice views, there have been unjust killings of innocent people and the families of those unjustified death, scarred.

When a crime is committed, the police profile the perpetrator down to three distinctive facts: age, sex, and race. Although these details are needed to solve a case, many of them are based upon how a black person would act while committing the crime. Or a Hispanic person. Or a white person. These factors are very helpful in locating the perpetrator, but just because certain crimes are thought to be committed by a person from a certain race, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the ones who did it. There have been families separated, broken, and torn apart because the police are certain that it has to be the black man who committed it, not the white witness stating that he saw the black man commit the crime, even though the black man’s alibi is rock solid.

I believe that a person’s skin color should not be a factor in deciding how to act, but we all know that it is