Children are my great teachers

Jung Weon - San Diego, California
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

I believe that the best teacher is a child in my life.

I spent four years teaching children of an elementary school when I was a university student. It is a great experience in my life. After I got accepted to entrance from my university, I received one call from a Catholic church. Someone wanted me to be a teacher for students of an elementary school. This call changed everything for me.

In the first time, I thought I did not have the ability to teach but I really like children. The children and I met once a week. During the weekdays, I was looking forward to meet them and enjoyed the time. I tried to be a good teacher and I worked hard to prepare the classes. Whenever I thought about smiling faces of the children, I forgot other complex stuff. I just focused on my children and my class. It made me happy and at that time, I knew happiness.

I learned about responsibility through children. By teaching for four years, I missed only a few days because I did not want to disappoint my class. If I missed the class, they always asked about me. I was touched by them and I felt like an important person. It is not an obligation for teaching but I kept going to be a teacher.

When I saw children in my classroom, I felt they were pure. They have honesty and genuine heart. I think those things are really important for life. Children are always honest. They do not know how to lie to other people. If I said something in the class, they believed my saying without doubt. Whenever I saw their behavior, I learned many things from children and I realized I forgot the most important things.

Throughout my 24 years in my life, that time was happy and valuable for me. Young children gave me many presents and I loved the kids. I could never forget my four years. I did not know I could teach someone and I really enjoyed the time with the children.

I learned many things from children who I met in church. I realized that I forgot the important things in my life like honest and genuine heart. I believe children are the best teachers than anyone I have met before.