Family First

Kasey - El Cajon, California
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

One day I was sitting at home and thinking of the most important belief that my family installed in me while growing up. Everything ranging from: “don’t worry be happy”, “treat others the way you want to be treated” etc. Then I finally realized that the most important thing that my family taught me was no matter what I do in my life, my family will always be there for me and family is the most important aspect of life. My parents were divorced when I was a little boy so growing up I had a mom, dad, stepmom and stepdad. This was just my immediate family. So this being said each parent was always there for me when I needed them. For example, if I needed help with math I would ask my dad, English I would ask my stepmom and etc. I learned how to treat others the right way by watching my parents carry themselves in the most upright fashion. Even at only 21 years of age I have been and seen a lot in life. I have seen both of my fathers parents pass, seen friends come and go and experienced both real good times and real bad times. But one thing that I have always noticed was that no matter what I did or where I was, my family was always there to support me whether it’s physically or even mentally. Just last semester there was a time period when I was mentally drained and frustrated from school and work. I felt as if I was going to have a mental breakdown because I was so stressed out and away from my family. After talking to my parents individually, my sense of pride and confidence began to regain their strength. In their own way, my family reassured me that they loved me and that no matter what I did in life they were always going to support me and be by my side. This kind of love and affection is not just given from any and everybody. I always offer and will always continue to give my parents and rest of my family the upmost respect because it’s earned.

Some people believe that school systems, religious beliefs and sometimes even peers are the core beliefs to life. However, I am a firm believer that family institution is the primary core to life. With family comes good times along with bad times, but like most say the good always out way the bad. There is a famous biblical verse that says “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, which means if you raise a child the right way, when older he will not veer from it. My family has raised an intelligent and classy young man who now a little older realizes how much his family has done for him. One day when I start my family and I will make sure my tree is a good tree and produces good apples.