Pain is Caused by Wanting

Justin - Dyckesville, WI, 54429
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Justin M


Pain Is Caused By Wanting

Pain is caused by wanting if we don’t want something we don’t

hurt. I can prove this statement for, I wanted a motorized scooter and I

couldn’t have it but I really wanted one. My parents said,” No.” Not getting

it made me hurt for, I really wanted one. On the other hand if I don’t want

something or don’t really care for it you’re not in any pain at all. You

won’t be in pain because there are no feelings attached to it at all so if

you don’t get it it’s no big deal.

Pain is by wanting and if we don’t want then there is no pain if

you don’t get what you didn’t want. One of my teachers told me this because

we were studying Buddhism and they survive by saying to themselves,” I would

like this but do I need it and can I survive with out it.” My Grandma and

Grandpa died when I was younger. When they died everyone in my family cried

and was hurt. They were sad and hurting because they didn’t want them to

pass away. So since they didn’t want them to leave they did and everyone was

sad because they wanted them to stay. Many things cause pain and those

things aren’t really thought of until they are actually happening.

Do you remember when you were little and you wanted to get a box

of cereal and you couldn’t get it because for whatever reason you weren’t

aloud to? Well I do and I remember always going for the Apple Jack’s and

Fruity Pebbles. I also remember my Mom saying no whenever I asked to get

them. My Mom normally said no because there would be a prize in it and she

believed that this was the only reason why I wanted it in the first place.

She was right and because I wanted that toy I would have to get the cereal

in order to get the toy. Here comes the reason why we feel pain on this. The

toy is what we want so feelings are attached to it. It’s kind of like a scab

when your feelings are attached to something, like a scab attached to you

when you pull it off it hurts. Just like when something is being pulled away

from you. This is why we feel pain. Wanting causes pain and if we don’t want

then we don’t feel pain.