Don’t Judge Me Because I’m an Athist

Matthew - Luxemburg, Wisconsin
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: atheism

Don’t Judge Me Because I’m An Atheist

In this world the amount of faith in some greater being or entity is enormous. The amount of stock people put into there religion is a large chunk of there life that may never pay off. I was raised an atheist though my dad insists that I should never pick a religion until I’m in college. I feel that people are putting faith where there is none, and that all this devotion they’ve shone in live is for naught. The amount of horrible things that happen in this world is enough evidence for me to say that there is no supreme being, things like the genocides in Africa, the tsunami, and the wars. I think that there is no way a supreme being can exists and if it or they do there just a mirthless and barbaric as we humans are.

The amount of faith people showed in the middle ages was awe inspiring not only to there gods but also to there rulers. Men would die by the thousands fighting either in the crusades or in petty feudal battles between rival kings. The faith was preached as the only way to redemption and if you went against the church that controlled your territory you were either forced to convert or killed outright. This in my mind is a waste of human life. Why anyone would be so devote to one thing or being that hasn’t even been proven to exist boggles my mind.

Another thing that boggles my mind about faith is how people can deny things like the dinosaurs when the proof and facts are right in front of them that yes, dinosaurs once walked on the earth. I also think that the faith mind set is what makes people think they’re different or special from animals. Humans, dogs, cows, and elephants are all mammals and were all animals. The idea that we are different from animals in any way besides being smarter is ridiculous. I have to agree with a person that once told me animals and humans are only as smart as they have to be. Humans have to be smarter because were in fact very average if not below par on other aspects of the natural world. We don’t have heightened reflexes, were not amazingly fast, we don’t have claws, tough hide, or exceedingly sharp teeth. That is why I believe humans are as smart as we are because without this heightened sense of knowledge we would of gone extinct thousands of years ago.

Lastly I would like to talk of how being an atheist affects they way I look at people and the way people look at me. I look at my life as a chance to try experiences good and bad. I feel a man should experience as many experiences in his life as he can I life by this and I am always optimistic about it. The way people look at me differs, sometimes people shun me just because of what I believe or other times they think its cool, this I think is ridiculous people shouldn’t judge someone by what they believe. I feel people shouldn’t be looked at differently just because of what they believe instead people should look at what kind of person they are. Look around you someone you know could be the nicest person in the world and he could be an atheist, while the serial killer down the street could be a Roman Catholic. When it all comes down to it the thing that brings most of us together is the thing that also tears us apart and truthfully probably started most wars.