Why Farming is Right for Me

Jay - Cascade, Iowa
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Farming is something that I enjoy very much and would love to do it for the rest of my life. I have had experiences with the farming industry as soon as I was able to walk. My family grew up on a farm and I love most of what goes along with the duties of farming. I feel farming is my duty to this world and I think I will enjoy it.

Farming as a career has many upsides to it, which has drawn me to wanting to be a farmer. One of the main points is the ability to work outside with God’s creatures. I enjoy this because I can stay in shape and love the feel of nature’s breeze. It also gives me the opportunity to make sure the land is being used right with making sure I am preserving it for future generations.

I think that living on a farm was one of the best gifts my parents gave me because of the many qualities I learned from them while on the farm. I learned the need for a strong work ethic from having to do the many chores involved with a farm operation. For example, my typical school morning begins at 5:30 in the morning when I head outside to begin my chores. My chores usually involve feeding the pigs on our farm which can be very easy or very hard depending on which method I use. Also I feed the calves I am planning on taking to the fair, I enjoy doing that because they are becoming tame. I usually make sure everything is fine and then head into the house and get ready for school. It shows that I needed to balance my time out and work hard to be able to enjoy other aspects of my life. This is good quality to have because life is not all fun and games and I need to learn this for my career as an adult.

Raising a family, I believe the best place is on a farm where my kids can learn the same values as I learned while I was a kid: a strong work ethic, understanding for the need to sacrifice things for the better of the family, unselfishness because life is not always fair, responsibility for your actions, teamwork because a farm can not be run by one person, it takes many people working together to get the job done. Farming also gives the kids no excuses for being bored because the jobs are never-ending. These qualities are something that I would love to have in my kids because it will help them in every job they could end up having.