Development of Relationships

Jake - Iowa City, Iowa
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe in the development of relationships between others and myself to reach a desire result.

After to losing to Dike-New Hartford in the first round of the 2006 Iowa State playoffs, our junior class, at that time, did not have a coach and were under no direction. We had low numbers at first in the weight room, but with the newly added strength coach, we had someone to al least lead us, but still we were left with no coach. It took months to finally hire a new coach, a coach at that time, nobody wanted. But within days he started to be apart of our environment and our class began to take the leadership role of the football team. At the end of the year we were having 50 players for lifting and running, which are hard work would soon guide us to the championship game.

The season had just begun and we were re-adjusting to our new staff. I asked my position coach, Jason Dumont, “What will it take for us to be successful,” he said, “ If we come together as team, we have the talent to make a run at a championship.” As a class that was always our goal. We then left the past behind us and looked forward to having a great season, a year that we have always dreamt about since we were young.

The season went phenomenal; we adjusted and made it to the championship game, working together as one unit, without any egos. We “jelled” with the new staff and with that came success. Our teamwork guided us, in our mind the best team in Regina history. Even though we did not finish the job, we will always remember that year. Most of us will take what we learned on the field and our teamwork with us, and apply it in every day events, for the rest of our lives