Take the Blame

Brent - Wisconsin
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in people that take the blame for what they did wrong. For most people it is not easy to take the blame even if it is a minor mistake. Why would someone do something wrong and blame it on someone else? I believe taking the blame means to be honest about what they did and that they know it was wrong. Because some people are either stubborn or afarid of taking the blame and they often say that somebody else messed up and made the mistake that they made just to get out of trouble. I also think that the people who put their blame on someone else know they will be punished but another day. At one time I saw a cracked wind sheild on a car and I saw the person who did it and he blamed someone else for what he did and it turned in to a fight over who was going to pay for the damage. When it’s time to take the blame the smartest move you can make is to accept it and learn to not do it again.