The Honest Truth

Megan - Manchester, New Hampshire
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in being completely and utterly honest. I see absolutely no reason to hide someone else’s or your own eyes from the truth. I’m one of the most honest people you will ever meet in your life. I’m so honest that I’ve even been referred to as the girl version of Simon Cowell, and to be quite frank, that doesn’t bother me a bit. However, I find that being honest often gets mixed up with being callous or just plain rude. This is not the case at all though.

My friends will always come to me when they want the honest truth about a situation because they know that I’ll give it to them. On the other hand, if my friends go searching for a shoulder to lean on because of a bad break up or a mishap in their life, I’m usually not first on the list. Sometimes others just don’t understand the reasoning behind my being so honest. People see it as superfluous or as if I’m over doing myself with the whole “honesty thing”. The reason I feel that people take my honesty the wrong way is simply because that most people don’t want to hear the honest truth about themselves. The truth hurts, but truth is a reality that all of us need to face at one time or another. So I believe getting started with the truth in the beginning, is a favor to others and myself to face the problem or tackle the situation faster. This world doesn’t need any more liars than it already has.

Even though I want telling the truth to make things easier, nine times out of ten, I often find that telling the truth gets me into trouble. Friends get flustered and annoyed, teachers become weary and bored, and family just feels like I’m trying to be “little-miss-perfect.” I hate this misconception of my honesty. I’m not trying to get attention by telling you the truth, I’m not trying to be perfect; all I’m trying to do is be straightforward. One situation that got me into trouble was when my friend asked my opinion on her new string bikini. Needless to say, most bathing suits are too revealing and are asking for the wrong attention. I told her this, and we didn’t talk for a week. She claimed that jealously had overcome me, and I didn’t want her to look better than me. However, after seeing herself in pictures on “Myspace”, she confronted me saying that my judgment proved truthful and she shouldn’t have gotten defensive.

To this day I tell the truth, no matter what people think or say. I believe that honesty makes the world a better place even if it’s not what I want to hear or say to someone. It’s not easy telling people the truth; sometimes it’s a lot harder than coming up with a lie. But that’s not right and that’s why I believe in being from completely and utterly honest.